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Papers >> English >> 1984 – Analysis of Predictions

We are in a world of uncertainty and we can only guess and make predictions about what tomorrow will bring us. The book 1984 by George Orwell, was written in 1949 with his predictions about the future in 1984, thirty five years later. The part that interested me the most was where Orwell explains how we will no longer think on our own and that our thoughts and emotions would be controlled by the “thought police” for example. It was interesting to read about what a person thought in the past about today’s society and read how some of the predictions came true.
Freedom was taken away from everyone, they did what they were told and they had to obey, or harsh punishments would take place. A question that Winston asked was “are you treated more like a human being?” (Pg. 77), And they were not treated like human beings it was as if they were like robots not even being able to think on their own, programmed to think and do what they do. Had this prediction that he had made come true? Or would it ever come true? No, is the answer to these question . To this very day we have freedom and have our own thoughts, could this ever happen in the future? I don’t think this will ever occur, we will not be controlled by others and have our original thoughts taken away. The “thought police” will never exist either, I say this because I don’t think there is a power high enough to make people ignore their thoughts or feelings. If this did ever happen this man would be so truly inhuman that mankind itself would destroy each other or die out of boredom .
“Never again will you be capable of ordinary human feeling. Everything will be dead inside you. Never again will you be capable of love, or friendship, or joy of living, or laughter, or curiosity, or courage, or integrity. You will be hallow. We shall squeeze you empty, and then we shall fill you with ourselves.” (Pg. 211). What they were doing was dehumanizing man completely. Orwell might have thought this could possibly happen in the future because of World War ll. , how Hitler had brain washed many people in to believing that Jews did not belong and that their population should be wiped out. If one man could do such a thing then why not think a whole group or party of people could possibly do something in a similar way.
Although many of Orwell’s predictions did not come true, there were quite a few that did, mostly about technology. For example we do have telescreens, microphones and speak and writes and we are able to do plastic surgery. “Our surgeons can alter people beyond recognition.” (Pg.143). People nowadays can alter their face to look like a completely new person, like how it was mentioned in the book. Privacy was invaded with telescreens and microphones, which were placed everywhere and our privacy is invaded now not as harsh but still invaded with hidden cameras and other devices that invade ones personal life. Manipulation like he said would take place it did and still does. With the new technology around us laziness occurs and one relies on someone or something to do their work instead.
Reading this book made me think about the future ahead of us and what may come of it. Will we be capable to have our own original thoughts, ideas, and feelings? The question will remain unknown until that days comes it could be in years or it could be happening right now without us even knowing it, or it could never happen at all. All we can do is guess and wonder.

Visitor Comments

Comment: Not the best- not the worst though either.
Rating: 5

Comment: It reads as though written by a twelve year old. who screens the crap that make onto this website. Oh, and by the way, you don’t think the thought police will ever exist. I’ve got news for you. it’s already come and gone. do you think orwell was maybe making a sarcastic comparison to the KGB. you know, that whole silly fiasco where peope mysteriously vanished from their homes in the night for speaking against joseph stalin. On the plus side, you spelled 1984 corectly.
Rating: 2

Comment: dear above whinner; there would be no way a twelve years old child write an essay like above sir. maybe you were a “BABY GENIOUS”, but i guess you are not a RESPECTFUL MAN. am i right sir? i hope you get more of inner beauty lessons than the lessons of intelligence. oh, why dont you PLEASE write one and show people how a GROWN-UP should write a GREAT ESSAY if you are that smarrrrrrrrrrrrt sir. I’ll look forward to see yours sooner. *ps: your written comments above seems like as though written by nine years old child sir. *** I really enjoyed the very above essay ***
Rating: 8

Comment: [above comment] you spelled “genius” wrong, and, generally, telling people they’re disrespectful in a disrespectful manner isn’t very, well, nice, not to mention that it’s not a freatway to get your point across [though it may be hilarious, albeit unintentionally]. And both the comments [latter and former of mine] were hilarious. Just thought you should be aware. But for the essay itself, fairly good. No real critiques or anything, just thought the comments were cool.
Rating: 5

Comment: dear above whiners, Whiner #1: You make one hell of a good point with regard to the KGB. This has indeed happened and those who have experienced it know what you talk about. And, yes you are right when it comes to the age of the author. Whiner #2: Shut up… and while you are at it, write your own essay too. Maybe by doing so you could become a “respectable man” yourself. ‘Am i right sir?’
Rating: 1

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