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Papers >>College Admissions Page 1 out of 2
Title Rating Popularity
How would you Describe a Leader and Leadership 10 9623
Meaning of Life 10 8122
Lots of talk no walk 10 4290
College Essay about Psychology 10 7986
As The World Grows So Do Our Challenges 9 8425
Belief is the natural attitude of a thwarted mind 9 4545
Describe A Person who has Influenced You 8 15698
Describe a Person Who has Significantly Effected You 8 9394
Experience that Influenced You 8 7724
My experience 8 7599
Essay for Stanford 7 11223
MIT essay 7 7862
Personal Statement 7 10292
College Essay about a Driving Experience 7 6322
Generation X 6 5661
Influencial person 6 6650
Cornell Essay 6 6381
Always Eight 5 9271
Describe an experience that changed you 5 9286
How did you First Become Interested in Reed 5 3640
Why Should We Accept You – Accepted by Univ. of Pennsylvania 4 5757
Your Ideal Roomate 4 3488
If you could have any wish what would it be and what would be the repercussions on yourself and others 2 3774
Art n/a 4602
Beautiful Life n/a 6149
Chapel Talk n/a 3386
College Accepatance about Programming n/a 5910
Comment on an experience in your life that had an effect on your life. n/a 9543
Describe a Challenging Situation n/a 7072
Describe An Issue of Personal Concern n/a 5009
Discuss an issue of international concern and its importance to you n/a 5328
Family n/a 6390
Future Plans n/a 7471
Impact of FIRST Robotics Program n/a 3122
Logic and the Meaning of Life n/a 4890
Multifaceted Background– University of Illinois n/a 3325
My Goals and Aspirations n/a 11199
My Motivation for Seekin Admission n/a 6265
Personal Experience n/a 7711
Recall a day in your life that stands out and explain why you will always remember it n/a 4904
Scholarship Essay n/a 8773
Scholarship Essay – Desire to become a Scientist n/a 4846
Scholarship Essay about Goals n/a 9914
Statement of Purpose n/a 4015
The College Experience n/a 4275
The Outreach Program n/a 1304
The Worth of Education n/a 3946
Value of Education n/a 4237
What do you want from college n/a 4184
What motivates you to seek a college education Why is Berea College a good choice for you n/a 3621

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