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Papers >>College Admissions Page 1 out of 2
Title Rating Popularity
Always Eight 5 9384
Art n/a 4688
As The World Grows So Do Our Challenges 9 8502
Beautiful Life n/a 6236
Belief is the natural attitude of a thwarted mind 9 4644
Chapel Talk n/a 3476
College Accepatance about Programming n/a 5991
College Essay n/a 8097
College Essay about a Driving Experience 7 6422
College Essay about Psychology 10 8066
Comment on an experience in your life that had an effect on your life. n/a 9629
Cornell Essay 6 6466
Describe a Challenging Situation n/a 7170
Describe A Person who has Influenced You 8 15947
Describe a Person Who has Significantly Effected You 8 9481
Describe an experience that changed you 5 9365
Describe An Issue of Personal Concern n/a 5100
Discuss an issue of international concern and its importance to you n/a 5429
Essay for Stanford 7 11324
Experience that Influenced You 8 7810
Family n/a 6477
Future Plans n/a 7557
Generation X 6 5752
Growth n/a 3040
How did you First Become Interested in Reed 5 3738
How music has influenced me n/a 4494
How would you Describe a Leader and Leadership 10 9693
If you could have any wish what would it be and what would be the repercussions on yourself and others 2 3870
Impact of FIRST Robotics Program n/a 3216
Influencial person 6 6736
Logic and the Meaning of Life n/a 4983
Long Trip n/a 2801
Lots of talk no walk 10 4365
Meaning of Life 10 8224
MIT essay 7 7952
Most Influential Event in My Life n/a 5419
Multifaceted Background– University of Illinois n/a 3416
My experience 8 7685
My Goals and Aspirations n/a 11469
My Leadership Role n/a 4781
My Motivation for Seekin Admission n/a 6349
Personal Experience n/a 7793
Personal Statement 7 10378
Personal Statement n/a 4367
Recall a day in your life that stands out and explain why you will always remember it n/a 5041
Scholarship Essay n/a 8845
Scholarship Essay – Desire to become a Scientist n/a 4940
Scholarship Essay about Goals n/a 10034
Scholarship Question n/a 4903
Slacking n/a 5279

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