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Title Rating Popularity
Rock And Roll n/a 1339
Romanticism in the aspect of Nature n/a 1371
Sam Menedes n/a 742
Samuel Morse n/a 746
Tango – In Spanish n/a 1011
The Avant-Garde Architecture of I.M. Pei n/a 851
The Bahaus n/a 836
The Beatles 10 1350
The Big Chill n/a 1425
The Big Lebowski n/a 1030
The Chain of Art n/a 999
The Connection Between Music and the Musician n/a 819
The developement of Free Jazz n/a 1146
The History of Greek Theater 10 1056
The History of Music n/a 1159
The Holy Trinity by Masaccio n/a 855
The Incomparable Blossom Dearie n/a 726
The Last Judgment n/a 859
The Life of Andy Warhol n/a 939
The Matrix n/a 1508
The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art n/a 957
The Science of Inspriring People Through Song n/a 850
The Scream by Edvard Munch n/a 924
The Shining n/a 1318
Thoughts on Pocahontas the Movie n/a 947
Tobias Smollett Biography n/a 777
Tomb Effigy of Jaquelin deFerriere n/a 819
Treasure of the Sierra Madre – Movie Review n/a 751
True Romance n/a 955
Van Gogh Biography n/a 1064
Velazquez and Bronzino n/a 663
Velazquez and Bronzino comparison n/a 680
Vertigo n/a 890
Vincent van Gogh n/a 1721
Vincent Van Gogh n/a 1090
Walter Dorwin Teague n/a 820
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart n/a 1456

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